The Good Library – Making the Books You Love Accessible

I have some exciting experimental program news to share with you guys. I am quite excited to actually explore this because it’s something that I have been thinking about for quite some time. I love books like any other human who loves books and I have accumulated quite the small collection over the years. Many have asked to borrow my books and now I have a plan that I think might just work.

Let’s be honest, sometimes we just want to buy books, read them for a while and send them back to seller. Of course there are those books we get and just can’t part with but how about those floor to ceiling piles that aren’t doing much for your feng shui? You have no room for all those books in your house. It’s just the perfect hide-out for rats and cockroaches.  Amazon to Uganda is a lie, and you’re not here for that.

Well…I may have a solution for you.

How does The Good Library work.

How to qualify for membership

You must have subscribed to breakthrough blog


Be a member of the Good Currency

You must guarantee that your word is your bond. (We don’t want to recruit the CIA just to get one book from you, or announce your name on all social media sites) We just want to prosper together.

Once you’ve qualified for membership how does all this work? 

A list of available books will be made accessible to you quarterly.

A member can borrow up to three books at ago. Three books is maximum.

Books maybe borrowed for up to 4 weeks (one month).

Bring books back in good condition, so that other people may enjoy them too.

Are there any fees?


You pay whatever you want to pay.

Let me repeat that in case you’re in mild disbelief. YOU PAY WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Member disqualification

LOSING BOOK(S). If a book has been lost, a member can redeem oneself by replacing the book. We are very forgiving.

Returning books late without prior notice. Please invest in a good Boda to get your books to The Good Library on time.

When does The library start operating?

December 2018.


Resilient African Network, Plot 28, Upper Kololo Terrace

For directions call: 0774-071-661


  1. Am sooo excited for this!!! Such a Brilliant idea 🙂
    Also can members contribute to the library?
    It feels like Christmas already!!!!

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