When Abe asked me to look at his poetry book draft I had a lot of thoughts floating in my head.

Firstly, I was thinking to myself, ‘mannnnnnn…poetry is not my cup of tea. I don’t even want to decipher hidden meanings, then symbols, consonance, allegory etc’. You get the gist.

Secondly, the only three poetry books I ever bought were painful to get through. I understood why they were a hit, but Warsaw Shire’s ‘Teaching my mother to give birth’  was too dark for me, Rupi Kaur’s ‘milk and honey’  I didn’t get past page 3.

I was more compassionate towards Maya Angelou because I was completely over the head obsessed with her. When I got Maya’s ‘the complete collected poems‘ I was only able to read ‘And still I rise’  and wrote it over my heart just so she could forgive my complete disregard for all the others I didn’t take to. And when I wanted to fall in love or the idea of love, I read Pablo Neruda’s ‘Love Sonnet Xvii’  which I must say I found rather chaotic. From what I understood, that love was toxic.

With that in my mind, I knew that Abe was testing me. But I allowed my years of maturity to come into play and take over. I actually told Abe, that I was extremely busy and that I’d get back to him much later. (Best believe I was buying time) BUT, that night (shout out to the Holy Spirit who reminds me to be diligent) I opened my email, I read the first poem in the book  ‘And…’ continued to ‘P.O.BOX #’  found myself falling in love with the woman in ‘One rainy night’ (which by the way is my favorite poem) and when I got to ‘That type of love’, I was completely intoxicated by ‘Self taught’.

You know what makes Abe’s book so special? He is Ugandan, that aside, it is written with such vulnerability and honesty. I don’t care how you feel about a sensitive man but in my opinion it is HELLA SEXY!

This is my summary on Self Taught;

Love is a prison where people go to find freedom. Abe explores the complexities of love, sometimes an aimless pursuit paved with cruel reality yet most often the antidote we are all in search of.

Where can you find this book?

Obvi Amazon.

And you can preorder this book and pick it up at The Tribe Kampala (Kisimenti) on Saturday 17th November.

For more info call or text or whatsapp +256-780-885-187

LET US SUPPORT OUR PEOPLE. Foreign books are great, but our people are also telling OUR stories.


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