Five Travel Ideas Instagram Accounts To Follow

Let’s make April a travel month, shall we? Summer is months away (which I think is the perfect time to travel), and even though it just snowed this morning, I am hopeful for warmer days. If you’re looking to buy flight tickets anywhere, now is the time people! Otherwise forget it. Summer ticket prices are a nightmare.

I found some inspiring instagram accounts for all my wanderlusters. Swoon, plan, flag and go discover the world. I think the more we travel, the more compassionate, tolerant and understanding we become towards people who appear to be different from us or from what we are used to.

Condé Nast Traveler @cntraveler

One of my absolute favourite accounts. You wouldn’t believe how many times or how often I have looked at house prices in Switzerland, South of France and my recent favourite Notting Hill. If anyone is looking to hire me, I am a hard worker in need of $1 million only.

Travel Noire @travelnoire

What’s better than seeing Wakandans travelling and living their best lives? I’ll tell you. NOTHING.

Asiyami Gold @asiyami_gold

First of all she’s so gorgeous! She looks like she bathes in toffee and honey. Plus, she’s got great style. Need any other reason to follow her? Ps. She has this bestie Nneka Julie @nnekaj who you’d like to sit and sip wine with. You’re welcome.

African Travel Association @africantravelassciation

This account promotes travel and tourism to Africa. An association of various Africans living their best life. For those of us who want to explore more of our continent, this is an account for us.

Travel and Leisure @travelandleisure

I love a solo-cation. I haven’t taken a solo-cation I haven’t loved. No one to rush you or tell you what to do, you eat when you want, you shop how you want, and you get to take pictures of places without people asking if you got their good side. If you’re the kind who wants to bike through the vineyards of Rioja (it’s a thing) or take a solocation, these guys handpick some solo-designed trips you can check out and, take for yourself.

What accounts are you looking at currently for your travel inspo?


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