The Truth About Adulthood – Prioritizing

Chipped nail polish, T.V (obviously WAGS) with yummy grasshoppers, and frizzy hair. I am going through some level 3 self neglect. I am also convinced that every morning an evil alien holds me down to my mattress and whispers to me ‘where do you think you’re off to?’. Who has a hard time getting up in the morning? Yeah? You too? I have walked around my bed (wall of Jericho style) making violent prayers, rebuking the enemy that is sleep but I have found very little success. What is an alarm clock? The next best solution to my predicament is to sell my bed on eBay, and take to the floor. Wish me luck.

Dear Friend, I just finished reading ‘The Perfume Collector’ and yes, it is unputdownable. I get so excited when I buy books, pile them up really fast and then I get lazy to read them because life comes and dictates what should be prioritized. But you know what? The other day I rebelled and, got jasmine/green tea, some homemade ginger cookies that are to live for from Cafe Pap and buried my head in it. It took just one day to finish The Perfume Collector and, when I was done, a pile of work was waiting for me. I had no regrets.

Adulthood 0 – EK 1. 

Perhaps this adulting thing isn’t as complicated as it seems. Yeah?

Many amazing quotes from The Perfume Collector but these resonated most with me;

  • There’s nothing more difficult than simplicity and, therefore nothing more refined.
  • Timidity is deadly. In anything. Always be bold.
  • If you cannot fit into the mould, then you must step out of it.

Friend, it hurts my feelings knowing that I am going to miss Wizkid concert in this our Kampala because I have been ready for it since the day I was born. But once again, life dictates what should be prioritized.

Until then.


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