These two ladies are stunning! FACT. No one should be this gorgeous! (Please don’t ask me for their numbers and home addresses)

You know what I love about Lucy & Estella? They are bold and fearless. Guys, anyone who gets in front of a camera is next level brave. We all know how cruel people can be in those YouTube comments and, it takes someone with a steadfast mind, great support system to become comfortable with such a platform.

When I made a request for this interview, I was thinking to myself, ‘ghosh…it must take a lot of courage to expose oneself to others through YouTube’. I am hoping that we will be a safe community for people online, as we enjoy their content, let’s be mindful of what they had to battle with to share a piece of their lives with us. I hope that we will be the kind of people who cheer for others.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t subscribed to their channel please know that I am judging you, and I am asking you this, ‘why don’t you like nice things?’


1. Tell us about yourselves, what is something that you’d like people to know about you.

Estella: I played  the piano, violin and the drums. (Yaaaassssss girl!)

Lucy: Something I’d like people to know is I am extremely optimistic, so much so it might seem cheesy. I skip through life with a “glass half full” mindset coupled with feeding off of good energy. I believe the energy you bring into the room is your greatest asset.

2. Why did you start a YouTube channel and what’s the inspiration behind your YouTube channel Estella and Lucy UG?

Estella & Lucy: We both acknowledged there was a sad reality in how poorly our country was being marketed, in comparison to our neighboring countries. We had the same vision and goal to create content surrounding the themes we believed millenials, the older generation and the diaspora would enjoy and appreciate.  Importantly, I knew there was A LOT we could learn from each other coming from different fields of work.

After lengthy conversations we finally decided to do less procrastination and put our debates, ideas and passion into one VLOG channel. We literally woke up and hit record. Ever since, we’ve been doing our filming and editing ourselves and it’s been a great blend.

3. I will assume that you’re business partners. Yeah? I love that your channel gives the perspective of two people. What do you think your partner brings to your channel?

Estella: Lucy has background in film so she is way more put together in front of a camera than I am. Character wise, Lucy thinks aloud. She is very forward, and will not settle for something that she doesn’t feel is true to who she is. She isn’t afraid to give anyone her piece of mind but she is also very down to earth.

Lucy: Estella is a very creative person and very open minded. We’ve had a couple of spontaneous ideas and I’m so glad Estella embraces new challenges because it contributes to how well we gel. We’ve maneuvered through a couple of hurdles and its safe to say she’s the voice of reason when my patience gets tested. ALSO, Estella has a fantastic work ethic because we do so much more outside of vlogging that means we need to plan and get as much done when we do meet up to film.

4. What sets your channel apart from other YouTube channels? What do you bring to the scene that’s unique?

Estella: Showcasing Uganda’s uniquely beautiful cultures, taking people on journeys through the pearl of Africa and allowing them to live through us, tasting local food, going to different places, and learning about different traditions. Modern day explorers.

Lucy:  I’d say we are one of the only Ugandan Vlogger Duo’s. Our style is very animated, free spirited and just fun to watch (or atleast we hope). We are really trying to build a platform to encourage other Ugandan Vloggers to get started. We’ve recently started collaborating with other vloggers to film content and just promote supporting one another because there’s room for everyone. Vlogging isn’t taken very seriously I’d say…or when we speak about it, it’s usually followed with a question associated with the monetary value.

5. Describe your channel in four words.

Estella: Culture, Travel, Food, Fun.

Lucy: Fun, Creative, Different, Fresh.

6. Name a few you-tubers who influence/inspire you.

Estella: Romee Strijd, IISuperwomanII, Nakita Johnson

Lucy: Thisisess, nakitajohnson, Jamie and Nikki, JTO fashion

7. Do you feel that there’s pressure to keep getting more subscribers and more views? And how do you deal with the pressure if any?

Estella: The pressure is actually on releasing content worth watching, content that educates, entertains, content that we are proud of, visually stimulating, properly edited, properly shot, sound in check etc. A lot of people don’t know that we do absolutely everything behind the scenes.

Lucy: I definitely thinks there’s an ink link of pressure but we deal with it well. I think the real pressure actually is being CONSISTENT and staying CREATIVE.

8. What advice do you have for people who want to start a YouTube channel but are afraid? 

Estella: Cliché alert -> try and fail, but don’t fail to try, but most importantly I’d say just start! If it wasn’t for Lucy I’d still be editing the first video.

Lucy: We advise anyone to just START. Even if u don’t get the views or you think your editing is pathetic or your camera quality isn’t THE best..just start. Estella and I watched our fave Vloggers first videos and the glow up was REAL! So we went with that and said it doesn’t matter where we start but it’s about how we are going to improve and learn on the job. So just START! Even if it’s a 1min video.

9. What’s your mantra?

Estella: I don’t really have a mantra but I believe I live by Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future

Lucy: Consistency. Patience.

10. 3 life lessons you want to leave us with


  1. Value time,its precious and it can’t be replenished.
  2. Listen first, speak last.
  3. You will never be too knowledgeable, keep asking, keep trying, keep learning.


  1. Always silence the background noise and stay consistent.
  2. In order to grow you must GO!
  3. If it’s not backed by prayer it’s not bulletproof.

Don’t forget to  subscribe and check Estella & Lucy out on their YouTube channel and instagram.

Estella – @katukunda

Lucy – @lucy_smize

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