I met this beautiful human Lamic Kirabo to discuss some work for our business. I liked her before I met her and when I met her it really was love at first sight. Her work ethic is incredible. People who get things done, and done excellently are mighty sexy. She pays attention to the little things and when she sent her finished work over, I was satisfied. I thought to myself, I want to be surrounded by people like Lamic Kirabo. People who inspire me. I’m sure many of you are familiar with her beautiful photography and sense of style. But her heart and mind are more beautiful than her Instagram feed, see for yourself in this interview.


1. Lamic, why are you so stylish! Love it. who are you, tell us about yourself?

Well, my name is Lamic Kirabo, Im a creative, fashion blogger and student of fashion marketing/management.

2. You’re multi faceted, Influencer- Model- Art Director-Creative Thug- Blogger. How do you do it all?

I think for me art has and will always just be a part of me. For me doing one thing has never been enough, I find that mostly in the creative arts doing more that one thing is always a given, for me the different things I do inspire each other, they help you stay inspired and always bring in new ideas. A shoot I have will inspire an article on my blog, and and article will inspire me to work with a brand, which will give me an idea for a paper for school so I find everything I do works really well together.

3. A lot of people are currently joining the influencer world, and they want answers to building a great social presence. How do you work with brands or how do brands find you?

Mostly through social media, connecting with brands is much easier through social media, platforms like Instagram make it much easier to find brands you can work with and for brands to find you.

4. A lot of us (foreigners mostly) have romanticised the idea of Paris, Gad Elmaleh makes fun of that foreigner dream idea of Paris. What’s living in Paris like? The perks and the drawbacks?

I mean Paris is beautiful, no doubt…its full of cute streets, a million amazing boulangeries and restaurants, it’s very inspiring to live here, but it also just like any city has a bunch of drawbacks, the weather can be horrible, people can be crazy, but to be honest I love it, even the not so good parts about it. For this moment in my life I am blessed to live here and exist in such beauty. Favorite things about it: The architecture and the food Not so favorite thing: The cost of living is quite sad and it does take a while to connect to French people, they can be a bit cold compared to back home.

5. Third Local, I noticed the rebranding on the site. I like it. Why did you become a blogger? And why third local?

I had always experimented with photography, fashion and modeling, those things came together quite naturally with blogging. Also I really wanted to create for the amazing local African brands I saw around, Third Local was a platform to connect them to a younger generation, and hopefully help them to see these  brands as something they could buy. I believe that is the way forward for African fashion, we need to invest in our own products, create a sustainable growing fashion industry in the continent before we export. The blog was my small way of contributing to that.

6. I’m a big Chriselle Lim fan, turns out so are you. Where do you see yourself going with all the work you’re doing right now? In ten years or so, whats the future of Lamic and third local?

I think blogging is changing and has changed so much. Social media is also becoming a much more compact medium. I would like to as a blogger represent the continent on an international scale and help international brands connect to the African audience and African brands vice versa. There is such a huge interest in the continent right now, this is the perfect time to be an African creative. As for 10 years from now I would like to start an agency that pushes African brands on an international scale. I also want to have my own brand in the future…

7.What I love about you, is how bold and confident you are, but also you’ve got such a gentle spirit. What advice do you have for young girls in this era of aggressive social media, how can they stay real, balanced and produce great content.

I find that hard as well, we are all so influenced by so much media around us. I think it comes down to always prioritising self care, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically. Set goals in all these areas that are authentically you and constantly set aside time to make sure these areas of your life are aligned to those goals. I am very much against the idea of the whole #goals, and drawing from social media goals for your life. Your goals need to be yours, you need to be the center of your goals as we all have different journeys.

8. What’s the best business advice you’ve received and you’d like to pass on to us?

I think it was Oprah who said this, and I cant quote it word for word, but it went something like, great businesses and success is born out of service, if you see your business or work as service, and your aim is to serve as best as you can always and solve problems, the success and the money will always come.

9. What’s your mantra 

Everything begins at the end of fear. Fear is one of the most crippling things and destroyers of pursuing our purpose…whenever I have an opportunity and I feel myself passing it on,  whenever I am in a low point,  I ask myself… What am I truly afraid of… Why am I afraid… What’s the worst thing that could happen.  I want to live a life motivated by love and not fear… That’s the ultimate goal I think.

10.3 life lessons you want to leave us with.

1. Well first, Don’t be to hard on yourself… Don’t be to hard on other people Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is just trying to figure this life thing out…
2. Learn the value of things and honor them.  Honor your body by taking care of it,  honor your space by taking care of what and who you allow into it,  and be okay with walking away from people of things that don’t value it,  honor your time by not letting people or things waste it,  honor your joy,  honor your skills by constantly trying to sharpen them, honor your work by not selling yourself short, when you start to decide to weigh the value of everything in your life I think your perspective of what and who is important changes drastically.
3. Trust God’s timing,  and seasons… I’ve learnt to breathe easy because I trust God’s timing,  everything I have ever needed has happened at the right time,  so I’ve stopped trying to make things happen now when I think they should happen. I’ve learnt to do my part and trust that God has my back in the process, if I’m working then He is working to make everything come through at the right time.

Get to know Lamic;

Lamic Kirabo – @lamickirabo
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  1. Whenever I want to be inspired or find out about new and fresh talent on the continent….I come to this blog…..Its the perfect place to cheer on people whose work and words go further than their physical reach….. 🙂

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