How to improve your selfies

The title got you here..huh?

What is a pimple? Once upon a time guys, I didn’t know what a pimple was. I did not relate to that struggle. It really wasn’t my portion. So when my friends would tell me about their pimples, I’d go to my bed and touch my face and say ‘not you baby…never you.’
And then… suddenly… like every horror movie I woke up to two pimples. First, I ignored them like any normal person and thought to myself that perhaps they were on their way to someone else’s face but landed on mine and, that the following day they’d go back to sender. A simple case of the lost address. I comforted myself.

And then they persisted.

After one had healed, another showed up almost simultaneously. Oh the drama. The horror. I thought it was the end for me.

Turns out there was a lesson in there for me. If I’m going to work in the beauty world, I can’t sell what I haven’t used. I want to be able to prescribe something when I know how it works. The pimples, and what’s left of the dark spots indeed were for such a time as this.

Ladies, gents, do you suffer from those bastards?

Do you want your skin to look like it was washed with milk and delicate flowers?
You do? Good. I have some solutions for you.

Clinique 3 step acne

Now now, this isn’t a promotion or a paid ad for anything. I’m just an innocent person telling you what has worked for me, my sister, my best friend’s best friend and the snap chatter who got us to try this. If you’ve got acne prone skin… sweetie, get you some Clinique.

It’s so friendly on the skin and it’s not harsh. Of course this also means you might never have to stop using some of the treatment for preventative measures but you can explore with other creams while you still use the basics of Clinique. For me, this has been the number one solution to the pimple situation.




The face shop

I can’t walk past a beauty shop. It’s in our genes to stop and look and touch and test etc. We found this brand Hwansaenggo gold cream with my mama and you know Koreans have such great skin care lines. The wash in this set is heavenly. Unfortunately the wash doesn’t come sans set.

I desperately needed a night cream, (guys we aren’t 12 anymore, we need night creams) and Yehwadam has been the best decision I’ve made for my skin.




Where do I even start with clarins? Love at first sight. I started out with the sunscreen (black don’t crack but you need your sunscreen for 101 reasons), then sampled some creams and now I’m the proud owner of their day cream and eye cream. I have eye bags 24/7 and all my money has gone to buying cheap sunglasses to cover them up. I don’t wear makeup coz I’m extremely lazy but this eye cream has been an eye saver for my big eyes.

These bad boys done save my face yo! I am hooked like Captain Hook. If you’re struggling skin wise, I highly recommend these items.
It is an investment, but great skin comes at a cost sometimes, lucky for you, you don’t have to do laser or go to expensive facials with these. Cut out a few expenditures and save up enough to get some for yourself.

I regret taking such good care of my skin. -Said no one ever

Depending on your location, these products are available online, and in stores. For my Kampala people you know I got you. Here is where you can get them. GLOW BABY GLOW. That glow is how one improves their selfies.

Well my lovelies, I’ve got to go pack for my next adventure. The grind never stops.

A` tout a` l’heure




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