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I like the very simple and very strong, whatever the provenance. I wouldn’t buy a Thonet chair simply because it’s a Thonet chair; I’d buy it because I like the texture and the materials. – Robert Stilin
Tomorrow is the big day. It’s THE GRAND OPENING of our new gifts & decor location. I loved Englewood (New Jersey) the very first time I laid my eyes on it.
It’s a small brick town, closely knit community with small boutiques (the kind we like) and great Thai food.
I am so hopeful that we shall do well there but most importantly that the community will benefit from our presence and that they will see us as a necessary addition to their lifestyle.
I hope that we shall inspire and delight our new clients to fuse our eclectic European, African and American decor into their contemporary homes.
I will get to meet the mayor in a few weeks, and I do need to buy me some high heels for that day. Until then, I’ll be going to bed extremely happy with tired feet.
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