Currently List – May Journaling Challenge

I have been meaning to do this for years now. I remember finding this blog (name escapes my mind) in 2012 that was doing a currently list and I thought to myself that is such a brilliant way to make posts when one is extremely busy. Guys, I am powering through the four posts a month self challenge. I am not letting us down.

Currently in May


Nothing! With my 9 – 8 there’s been no time to watch anything in particular. But if I had fast wifi, I’d probably be on viki after 8 watching all my fave Korean shows.


I just finished reading ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg I was gifted this book by my dear friend Joan three years back and only opened it this year! I then started reading ‘the life changing habit of not giving a f***’ by Sarah Knight and let’s just say it sounds like a rap song. I haven’t been able to get past page 5. I am probably done with that one. Turns out what I had really wanted to get was ‘The subtle art of not giving a f***’ by Mark Manson. Anyway, I am done with all magical and subtle arts of whatever_____________.

Listening to

Ah my ‘summer vibes’ playlist which includes Afrojack, Bob Sinclar, Calvin Harris…you get the vibe. Do you also make seasonal playlists?

Looking at

My floral arrangement from Abdul (florist at Garden City). I honestly thought I wasn’t a flower person am still not sure if I am. Perhaps I just like looking at beautiful things. Either way, I have made it a habit to fill the office with weekly flowers. If am going to spend 3/4 of my life at work, then I want to be surrounded with nice things that brighten my day and lift my spirit.


Kericho gold’s green tea & jasmine. I never tire of this flavor.


Chicken samosas from Piato (Kampala). I am addicted. They are simply the best. THE BEST.


Red lipstick from black up. I haven’t worn red in forever. Looking in the mirror, I seem odd to myself. I need to bring back red lipstick me.


My job. Requires A LOT but there’s never a dull moment. I think my favorite part about working in the beauty industry is seeing people feel more confident when they get the results of whatever they are looking for.


Bachelorettes. Wedding season is here and even though the pockets are crying out for help, I am happy to celebrate my best friends as they start new chapters with their best friends. I love weddings.


Deeply loved.

Dear friend, what’s your season like?


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