Books for the summer

I am somewhere in Massachusetts for work, watching Kids Choice Sports and drinking jasmine green tea (as one does). I was excited to come here until we arrived and then it felt like we were at the end of the world. This place is eerily quite, eateries are far from the hotel and, I suspect that this area is mostly for campers and cyclists. I had to count my blessings before the spirit of complaining took over. I am grateful to be here in a hotel room with my sister on her birthday watching telly and preparing to have the best work weekend yet.

What books are you reading for the summer?

I have made such a fuss about “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine“. Guys, this book is SO GOOD! I talked about this book in my June journaling challenge. It’s honestly been the best book I have read this year and I can’t recommend it enough.

I love getting books at airports. This is a tradition I started in 2012. I have to have space for a new book in my carry-on. There’s nothing particularly special about airport bookstores, but there’s a feeling I am not able to put into words that can’t be replicated in other bookstores.

This time round I got two books at Heathrow;

  • Sunset Over the Cherry Orchard by Jo Thomas. I am in such a light hearted season and I wanted to read something not heavy. This book is for us rom-com lovers who are obsessed with paint peeling off walls, and day dream of trips to Spain. If you want to go to Spain for the summer but your bank account says,’no no no…’ this is a book you need.
  • Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***. I wrote about how I got the wrong version of this book in my May journalling challenge. I still regret it that I will never get that money back. This book has been EVERYWHERE and it really has piqued my interest and I want to know how people do it. How do you wake up one day and just respond to a long whatsapp message with ‘k’? How do you do it?

Friends…this girl has gone to work. Send me all your good prayers. Yes?

Ps. I am working on some exclusive stories for subscribers and I cannot wait to share that with you. I was hoping to send out the first story this week but my schedule was hectic. I promise I will make it good. 🙂

Until next week…be kind, work hard, remain grateful to God.

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