4 Apps to use to organize your life.

This year, I am really about organizing my life, prioritizing and saving money. We are never without our mobile phones, right? We use our phones for almost everything now. It’s incredible! To fully utilize my…red (a name that I just gave my phone) these are the apps I have recently downloaded to help me organize my life and finances.

Income Ok

I had to find a way to really understand where my money goes. I am over this mysterious disappearance therefore I  had to find a way to track my expenses. This app has useful features such as categories, income, expenses, password protected and so much more. Therefore your shady expenses are protected by your password. No one ever has to know that you ordered a giant cake and ate it all by yourself.

It costs $0.99 on the App store.


I have suffered in this life trying to delete multiple contacts on the iPhone. I have no idea why that option does not exist yet. Anyhow, decluttering my life required deleting numbers in my phone that I have not used or those numbers that I can’t remember for the life of me why they are in my phonebook. Uncle IDK?, Boy with sharp shoes, Never ever ever pickup/stalker on Union Square. Man, they’ve got to go these people.

I have what you need. Groups app. And, IT IS FREE.

Go to whatever contact group, most of us will find ourselves on uncategorized and there will be little circular bubbles you can check and delete. Et voilà.


My sister told me about hopper. I was a bit reluctant to get the app (I am not sure why.)

‘I hate discounts‘ said no one ever.

So…here I am.

If you’re planning to travel a lot or would like to travel more this app is for you. Hopper shows you dates when it is best to travel by comparing fares on those dates you have in mind. You’re booking smart and saving you some monies to shop yourself mad on your trips. And guess what? The app is free. Now pack your bags, and wait for the price drop!


There’s a long embarrassing story here. Are you like me? Your best friend tells you over and over how great something is, and you’re like ‘mmkaay’. You resist and resit until one day you sneakily get on board without telling them, and then you start to tell them about that same thing like you invented it. Not a psycho? Can’t relate?

Venmo is great for freelancers. You get your money the next business day. You can make transfers using your debit card at no cost. I love ‘no cost’ stuff. Unfortunately this app works only in the US at the moment but when it goes international, I think it’s one to definitely get.

What apps are you loving at the moment?

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