4 Tips on How to be productive when working from home

This year, I am working from home a lot. Honestly, it’s so easy to get distracted and not stick to the schedule I have drawn out for myself. Lately, most of my days involve traveling to the city but when I am not going to the city, I am doing these four little things to help me fully utilize my work day and hours.

1. Wake up when the alarm goes off

I have struggled with sleep for years, if you’ve been following this blog, you know this. I had to enroll my friends to pray for me for things to change. I am glad to report that things did indeed change. My alarm goes off and I head straight to the shower as if I were actually going into the office or the shop. Also morning showers are great for waking up the body.

2. Set your work place and your hours

It’s important to actually designate a place in your home where you can sit and get stuff done. I use the dining table as my work station. Set the laptop, get the books, and whatever else you’ll need for your day in one place. This allows you to avoid how much you walk around the house because you might just find yourself seated in front of the telly watching season 3 of friends.

3. Have breakfast

It is important to have a good breakfast. The older I get the more I appreciate breakfast. It will instantly get you in a good mood.

4. Now put in your hours

I honestly believe that having work hours is essential. It helps you remain organized and you’re able to allocate time to all that you have to get done in the day. Allocating time to tasks is also a great way to measure your productivity. For a lot of self employed people, we tend to work throughout the entire day because it’s the nature of our jobs, but I think we also have to learn to pull back a little to get new inspiration and ideas.

Do you work from home? If yes, what’s your routine like?

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