4 Golden Nuggets for the New Year

Happy happy New Year!!!

This morning my alarm went off at 7am. Usual business. I stayed in bed and debated if I should get up or lay in until whatever time I deemed sufficient to get up. 
But it’s a new year, and I want to start it with the right foot forward whether I have something to do or not. My mother keeps telling us that it matters how we start each year. You’ve got to be intentional. Therefore I left my bed, I had a shower, and even made my bed, made my breakfast and planned my day. I would blog, I would read, and I would not let the day pass me by in bed. I would spend my day planning and plotting how I am going to execute my 2019 visions.

There are innumerable posts on the internet on making or not making resolutions but I think it’s always good to start with a plan. I personally mix resolutions with long term vision plans for my life. Sometimes I do achieve the resolutions and sometimes I do not. We are all on a journey therefore there’s no need to beat oneself up for not seeing through some resolutions.

I thought to share with you some great advice that I will be following in 2019. I believe that it will keep me focussed while I do my best to achieve whatever I’ve set out to do. If you find something that speaks to you, then make it your mantra this year.

Golden nuggets for 2019.

What you know will empower you. The difference between two people is what they know. If you want to set yourself apart, do the homework. Knowledge is power. 

A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Where’s the lie? I completely believe in the power of the tongue. I am painfully aware of the words that leave my mouth. We have the ability to speak life into ourselves, into our plans, into our businesses and we also have the ability to destroy using words. Words are incredibly powerful.

Be confident because of the audacity of your faith. I have not always been confident and I do get moments where I feel like a complete fraud. But honestly, this life is a first and last for all of us. What’s the use of being afraid? If you see someone in a position to help you, approach them and ask. There’s no shame in asking. If you go to a Chanel boutique and you feel like everyone is looking right through you, chin up and ask for a glass of champagne! (They always have champagne) If you’re in a partnership or you’re with a team and people are not pulling their weight, call them out! Where is this confidence coming from? You ask. Well…here’s a little example explaining how this works. When your best friend has a party, you know that you really do not need to be on the guest list. Therefore when the “bouncers” start questioning you and making it hard for you, you have this inner smirk because they are messing with the wrong person. Your best friend comes and calls your name, and the “bouncers” profusely apologize. When you know who is in charge you approach things with confidence. My confidence comes from knowing that I am God’s daughter and a co-heir with Christ Jesus. Every time I feel timid, I remind myself that I know someone who is in charge and let me tell you, that has got me very far.

Lastly, you cannot, (will not, shall not) achieve anything if you do not prepare. If you’re going to live your best life, you’re going put in the work. Nothing will come to you without a little sacrifice, without a little pain, without a little investment. Let’s build things that last. Also, you do not have to figure out everything. All you need is to just start. Start and things will unravel on the way.

Happy New Year.


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